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Introducing Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy: NFC-enabled T-shirts that redefine fashion and connection. Tap the embedded NFC chip, and enter a digital world of style and interaction. Our innovative designs spark conversations, creating meaningful connections in a technology-infused era. Be a trendsetter, wearing more than just a garment, but a gateway to immersive experiences. Join us on this fashion revolution, where every tap opens doors to connections that go beyond words. Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy T-shirts: Tap, connect, discover. Redefine fashion.

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Based on our experience in the Christmas Market in Brussels and in view of the current global economic reality: we have decided to chill-down our prices permanently! 

We are sure this gesture will allow you to “adopt” one or more of our t-shirts which are fresh as Mr. Chill and soft as Mr. Fluffy. 

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TAKING CARE OF YOUR ADOPTED T-SHIRT 💙 We made sure that our T-shirts were created under Fair Trade & 100% pure organic premium cotton with a high quality of textile and print. So you can adopt with full confidence! We created this page for you: to explain our wash label and how you can take care of your adopted T-shirt so, it stays in top quality for a very long time!  We chose the right cotton weight so our T-shirts feel 'Fresh as Chill' and 'Soft as Fluffy' on your skin. Here are some tips to keep your T-shirt that...

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Hello Brothers & Sisters!  We haven’t posted in the past week as we have had a ton of things to do – including the visit of Mr. Chill’s sister, which helped a lot with the stress than we have been having.  As you know both of us are sporty people and we try to stay as fit as we can. However, in the past 3 months Mr. Chill gained 6 kilos and Mr. Fluffy 8 and NOT of muscle. We are a bit ashamed of the big bellies we have now. How did that happen? Well, let us tell you. ...

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