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Hello Brothers & Sisters! 

We haven’t posted in the past week as we have had a ton of things to do – including the visit of Mr. Chill’s sister, which helped a lot with the stress than we have been having. 

As you know both of us are sporty people and we try to stay as fit as we can. However, in the past 3 months Mr. Chill gained 6 kilos and Mr. Fluffy 8 and NOT of muscle. We are a bit ashamed of the big bellies we have now. How did that happen? Well, let us tell you. 

Three months ago, Mr. Chill wasn’t feeling very good and couldn’t get out of bed to go to work. He thought it was just a very bad fever, but of course, these are still COVID times and after two three days of feeling like crap, we went to the doc. What was it? Yes, COVID, even after two vaccine doses and a booster. 

It is recommended to stop any kind of exercise while you’re sick to allow your body to get better. So, we stopped training. For how long? Until Mr. Chill recovered – a full month after!  

Once Chill was able to chill, we were preparing the launch of our T-shirt line and that took all of the time we had left and we decided to consecrate all of our energy to the project and a second month would pass.  

All of this time we didn’t really cared for what we ate as long as we ate, no time to cook neither. So, lots of ordering in and take-out. Also, we were in full summer times and meant a bunch of drinks and ice-cream!

We have now stopped the gym for three full months. Well, all of our lives we have given exercising a very important place in our lives. Ask anyone who knows us: Discipline has always been part of us. 

All of that to say, while life can get on the way of our goals and projects, we have decided to train today... AND WE DID! What better way to celebrate that than wearing The Discipline T-shirt

If any of you wants some advice about gym, nutrition or routines, please reach out via message. You can also check out all of the dumbbell and bodyweight video routines we have on our IGTV on Instagram. 

We will keep you posted on the road to fitness – Photos included of course. 

Summer bodies, here we go! Because yes, summer bodies are created during winter! 

Sending chill vibes & fluffy hugs. 

We love you bros and sisters! 


Mister Chill and Mister Fluffy handwritten signature

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