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The 2022 Brussels Christmas Market was a memorable experience for us. We had the opportunity to showcase our collection of 11 t-shirts and introduce our unique Canadian holiday drink, "Moose Milk", to the market-goers. Being part of such a major event was an honor and the festive atmosphere was truly enchanting. We had the chance to interact with many wonderful people, including other vendors, and to expose our brand to a wider audience. Despite the hard work of working 10-12 hours daily for 45 days straight, we tried our best to enjoy the atmosphere and take care of ourselves. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the market and look forward to growing our brand in the future.

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We are overjoyed to report that we were able to raise €200 at the Brussels Helpt spaghetti fest! Mr. Chill and Mr. Fluffy were honoured to host so many guests, including colleagues, friends, and even strangers, in our home. There's nothing quite like sharing stories, laughter, and of course, spaghetti, to bring people together and create new connections. We were happy to have 20 people over in our home to eat spaghetti. Mr. Chill was particularly proud to add his own touch to the spaghetti sauce, saying, "I'm Mexican, so I definitely had to add hot peppers. It's really great to get so many new people over. Nuestra casa es su casa!" This experience was truly rewarding and we hope to have the opportunity to do it again next year.

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There has been a very last minute addition to the 2022 Brussels Christmas Market - known locally as "Winter Wonders / Plaisirs d'hiver / Winterpret". Yes, you guessed it. Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy will be in one of the chalets ready for you to come and adopt (purchase) one of our t-shirts!

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Hello brothers & sisters! We have been working in another project with one of our sisters. A song called: Happy to Live Life feat. LysJoy This joyful song it's in line with our Brotherhood of Universal Love philosophy. It talks about not thinking about the material and the challenges but focusing in happiness, self-love and the love from our closest friends & family. Where did the idea come from? The song lyrics were written entirely by Mr. Chill back in 2014 after chatting with a Twitter user about poems and writing lyrics. Fast forward to the first half of 2022. Our friend LysJoy was looking...

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Disarmament Week is celebrated from October 24 to 30 each year.

We wanted to share the "Knotted Gun" sculpture, at UNHQ in NYC, as it is an inspirational symbol of non-violence.

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