Our tribute to our beautiful city Brussels, the place we call HOME

We want to take you on a tour and show you the best spots in our city: The stunning Brussels! And what better song than “Bruxelles je t’aime” by the gorgeous and talented Angèle to accompany our trip?

We love to walk all over Brussels and enjoy the atmosphere of all of its different neighbourhoods. With this video we wanted to share our feelings about our adopted home city. 

© Angèle VL

But it’s not only us who love this city, many of our bros and sisters who have lived here, love and miss the lovely Brussels. There are not many cities with such an unique vibe that have that effect on people.

We asked two of our Bros to send us a few words about their love for Brussels. What they wrote was beyond our expectations... and that is exactly what Brussels does to everyone:

« Pour moi Bruxelles a été découverte extraordinaire. Arrivé en 2016 pour le travail, j’avais très peu d’attentes, mais la ville est rapidement devenue MA ville adoptive. Ses magnifiques édifices, ses quartiers chaleureux, sa Grand Place qui compte parmi les plus belles du monde, ses habitants, tout ça fait maintenant partie de moi. Bruxelles je t’aime! Même après avoir quitté en 2019, je continue de penser à toi. Nous nous reverrons bientôt! »  Sly, our bro from Canada

EN: For me Brussels was an extraordinary discovery. Arrived in 2016 for work, I had very low expectations, but the city quickly became MY adoptive city. Its magnificent buildings, its welcoming neighborhoods, its Grand Place which is one of the most beautiful in the world, its inhabitants, all of this is now part of me. Brussels I love you! Even after leaving in 2019, I still think of you. We will meet again soon!

“Para mí, Bruselas es una ciudad fantástica. He visitado muchas ciudades hermosas en el mundo y creo que es de verdad una de las de más alta categoría a nivel cultural, turístico y también en tecnología. Sinceramente es una gran experiencia vivir en un lugar en un lugar tan hermoso. Yo considero que es una de mis ciudades favoritas en el mundo y a la que espero volver siempre✨” – Memo, our bro from Mexico

EN: For me, Brussels is a fantastic city. I have visited many beautiful cities in the world and I think it is truly one of the highest in the category in terms of culture, tourism and technology. Honestly it is a great experience to live in a place in such a beautiful place. I consider it to be one of my favourite cities in the world and to which I hope to always return

For us Brussels is more than the heart of Europe

Back in 2015, Mr. Chill arrived in Belgium right on their National Day, the 21st of July, and fell in love with his new city instantly. While he grew up in Mexico and moved to Quebec City for three years; destiny brought him here to the marvellous Brussels.

In the meantime, Mr. Fluffy, who grew up in the region of Antwerp, in the little town of Schelle was wandering between many cities, for many years, including Lisbon in Portugal, until he finally found a home in Brussels back in 2016. 

While it took us a couple of years to meet each other, we knew we were at the right place: Brussels. We think the city moved every brick of itself to push us to meet each other one day... 

That is why Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy will forever be bound to Brussels. Which has been our home for more than 7 years. The place where we met, where we became friends, brothers and lovers.

We also founded our company here, located in 1000 Brussels the heart of the city. A 10 minute-walk from La Grand-Place, where we said YES! (Actually we said: Si, acepto & ja, ik wil 😍)  What a memorable day, in a beautiful city hall in an unforgettable capital city!

Some fun facts about the video:

  • We travelled around roughly 35 to 40km on that day  
  • Most takes were done the same day and took us about 9 hours 
  • We visited the train station and although we didn’t take the train...  
  • To visit the whole city, we rented a Poppy car, a Dott scooter and with our MOBIB card we were able to take the bus, the metro & the tram 
  • We ate chocolate, waffles, mussels, fries and of course, we drank beer to keep the energy flowing 
  • We wore 17 different outfits, including a lot of our t-shirts (Catalogue available here 😉) and to make it happen we had to change in public 
  • We visited all corners of Brussels – Not only ♪ Les Marolles, Flagey, St-Gilles, Laeken ♪… but also Anneessens, Dansaert, Ixelles, Etterbeek and all in between 
  • Actually, the only take outside Brussels is in Walibi, but it’s an easy train ride and you can do roller-coasters! We had to include it as a tribute to the cover of Angèle’s album “Nonante-Cinq" 

So come and visit us in Brussels. You won't regret it, we promise. We loved making our YouTube video, inspired by the lyrics. We couldn’t have said it better: Brussels, we love you!

We love you too Angèle! Thank you for creating an hymn to our home town. T’es la plus belle 💙

Enjoy our video right here:


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Sending you chill vibes & fluffy hugs,


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