The Pride Collection

This collection’s purpose is to help you show your colours: all of them!

It also serves as a reminder that the fight for our rights is not over and that in many places in this world there are brothers and sisters who aren’t lucky enough to show who they really are. This is for you out there. We know that we know the importance of visibility and this is our contribution.

You are worth more than a billion stars and you deserve respect!

Of course these items are not only to fight but also to celebrate who we are! To start a party, to make those rainbow colours scream our pride, our joy, our love to ourselves!
Life is a party and you are the music: turn the volume up!

You can wear these t-shirts to show your support at a PRIDE event or any other place. In this brotherhood we stand against hate. We are pro-LOVE. Even if you’re not LGBTQ+ you can wear these items to show your support as an ally. Love will always win!

For us Pride is a year-long season: So, Happy PRIDE to you ALL!


"Don't change so people will like you...

Be yourself and the right people will love you!"― Oreki Houtarou