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The importance of protection of trademark, brand, designs, slogans, logo & everything involving the Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy Company 1. TRADEMARK REGISTRATION At this moment, the Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy Company is a small start-up clothing brand. We started with a line of 11 T-shirts and would love to extend that number to 22 models in the very near future. Once the new models have been released, we want to expand our apparel to hoodies, polo shirts, caps and of course, more T-shirts. Our dream in 2023 is to create a wider range of clothing pieces within our...

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"Teamwork makes the Dream Work"  Teamwork makes the dream work is a phrase used when two or more people have collaborated positively on some project, to achieve a common goal or even to reach their dreams. It means that effective teamwork achieves much more than any individual can. Here at Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy we use that phrase almost every day.  How can you create a Dream Team?   First of all, make sure to create a sense of community in your company, where every single member feels like they belong. Teambuilding sessions are a very useful tool to...

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