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Hello Brothers & Sisters!  We haven’t posted in the past week as we have had a ton of things to do – including the visit of Mr. Chill’s sister, which helped a lot with the stress than we have been having.  As you know both of us are sporty people and we try to stay as fit as we can. However, in the past 3 months Mr. Chill gained 6 kilos and Mr. Fluffy 8 and NOT of muscle. We are a bit ashamed of the big bellies we have now. How did that happen? Well, let us tell you. ...

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Bachelor Party – Bros Team Building – Adventure Day – Summer Fest 

An ideal T-shirt to wear with a group of Bros and go out for a night at the pub or a sports bar for the game! But this t-shirt is more versatile than that: it is great option for the company’s team-building day or even a bachelor party. Maybe even together with your Bros on the Beer Bike in Amsterdam or an outdoor adventure in Durbuy. Why not? There is no limit bro! 

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