The I love you bro T-shirt (UNISEX)

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This is a T-shirt to show your love for your bros. Imagine when your bro opens it: he (or she or whatever they identify as) will find a great message that he/she/they will also be able to see in mirrors and selfies.

Show that special person a token of all the love you have for them. Love is putting someone else's needs first. Love is also showing up for them. If you truly love someone: that person is now part of your family: a bro!

For us this T-shirt is the beginning of regaining power over the term “bro” which shouldn’t be exclusive to fraternity jocks or masculine men. We want to take it back to its roots and show that we love you all as a BROTHER or a SISTER!

Ideal T-shirt to wear with a group of Bros together to go out for a drink, dance or even a stag party!

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Take care of the T-shirt you’re about to adopt. Read here all the care tips to cherish your T-shirt and make it last for a lifetime! All 100% Cotton - Fair Trade - 100% Organic

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