The 'Signature' T-shirt (UNISEX)

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Watch the Signature T-shirt Short!

Show your friends & family you have become part of the Brotherhood of Universal Love with this t-shirt. We have chosen these three symbols as they embody our philosophy.

Why do these symbols mean on our logo?

👊🏼 (Fist bump): stands for Brotherhood. You all know how it works!
⭐️ (Star): the Universe is full of stars and they are there for everyone to wish upon. Everyone is welcome in our community!
💙 (Blue heart): our favourite colour representing deep Love for each other.

We have called it our signature T-shirt as it will always be available in our shop. Also, because we always sign our comments or texts to each other with these three symbols. What started as a bunch of emoji became our logo and hopefully it will become a revolution of a brotherly (and sisterly) universal love!

Take care of the T-shirt you’re about to adopt. Read here all the care tips to cherish your T-shirt and make it last for a lifetime! All 100% Cotton - Fair Trade - 100% Organic

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(Two euro/dollar of the earnings from this t-shirt - as well for all of our t-shirts - will be donated to a charity organization of your choice. More information in our page about the Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy International Charity Program).