The Co-Branding Collection

The first co-branding T-shirts will be launched here later this year!

Our company is not the only one that has the mission to share and care and spread love, care and happiness with their brand.

We will meet with creators of other brands, with whom we can perfectly 'synchronise' and level up both our missions by collaborating for the same cause. With those companies we will do some 'Co-Branding' and join forces to change peoples lives around the world.

Our in-house designer Mr. Chill will work on a draft design and propose it to the companies interested. After that we will work together to create a final design together. 

The co-branded T-shirt will be sold within the Co-branding collection on our website. As collaborator, of course, you will have the chance to have your own stock to promote the T-shirt we created together and sell it on your online website and/of physical shop. 

We're always open for requests and suggestions.

You want more information? You want to co-brand with Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy?
Please mail us:

PS. We are sure we will create something amazing together! 👊🏼⭐️💙


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