We will forever hold you closer Britney!

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We will forever hold you closer Britney!

Yesterday, the 26th of August 2022, Sir Elton John released his new single “Hold Me Closer” which is a rework of his mega hits “Tiny Dancer” and “The One” but the amazing and surprising part of these news is the singer he featured in the song. The one and only, the legendary Ms. Britney Spears. 

© EMI, Mercury

Yes, Britney has ended her career hiatus. Sir Elton John gave us all the gift of new Britney vocals... and they are dreamy, heartfelt and, at the chill & fluffy haus, on repeat! 

I think by now we have listened to the song about 50 times (in fact it is playing right now) and we’re not getting tired at all. It is an instant classic, that kind of song you feel like it’s been around forever.

Britney Spears and Elton John. MICHAEL KOVAC/GETTY

© Britney Spears and Elton John. MICHAEL KOVAC/GETTY

Last night we had some friends pop over and we played it for them, between conversations and drinks they enjoyed it. Later during the night, we started a collaborative Spotify playlist with all of our all-time favourites: classics, anthems, unforgettable songs. “Hold Me Closer” ended up in it by popular demand; next to bangers like “We are the Champions”, “Hometown Glory” and “My Way”.  

Basically, we love the song and we think it’s a fitting comeback for our Princess of Pop. Don’t we all want to hold her now that she is free? That freedom can be heard in her voice, the ad-libs, the falsettos and that “ooh baby” we were all missing.  We're so happy that altogether We Freed Britney!

It’s been a roller-coaster for us Britney fans, but we have stood by her and even gone in Belgian TV for RTBF (watch below) to explain why she had to be free and why she is such an inspiration to be better versions of ourselves. She is back and stronger than yesterday! 

We love you, Britney! 👊🏼💙

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By the way, did you know that one of the 7 charities of the Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy International Charity Program that you can support when you adopt one of our t-shirts is the Elton John Aids Foundation? We’re so proud of what Sir Elton John has done for the community and thankful he’s helping a lot of people out there. Thanks bro, we love you too! 

Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy in the internet show of RTBF sharing their experience of the #freebritney movement. We Freed Britney T-shirt was born. Britney Spears changed Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy's Life!

Watch the interview: "Comment Internet a libéré Britney Spears. L'Internet Show et les scandales" (Interview in French).

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