Antwerp Pride 2022 with Mr. Chill and Mr. Fluffy

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Antwerp Pride 2022 with Mr. Chill and Mr. Fluffy


Last Saturday, 13.08.2022 we took the train from Brussels Central to Antwerp central to go to the 15th edition of the PRIDE celebrations. It was so much fun! #QUEERTOPIA

(Pro-tip: if you're travelling from anywhere in Belgium; get a Belgian Rail weekend ticket which is at a reduced price and valid from Friday evening to Sunday at midnight... you can visit more Belgium in a weekend!)

Back to PRIDE... the organization of the event was flawless as usual. All performances, events and also the Parade were on schedule. We felt really secure and all police, medical teams and firemen were beyond respectful and friendly. 

The parade itself was magical and kept moving (which is rare for a PRIDE parade), the delegations were fun and the trucks had amazing music and lots of glitter! 

While the heat was roasting us; the fun, smiles of hundreds of people, hugs from friends, house & pop music and lots of water stations... and drinkies along the way kept us fresh and going! 

Last time we came in 2019 the Gay Village was awesome but this time they outdid themselves. The village was on the side of the canal and there was so much fun going on! 2 stages filled with amazing artists and acts.

All in all it was a great experience again! We will be back next year!

Thank you Antwerp Pride for everything!

We love you!


The Theme 

Antwerp Pride is looking for the ideal LGBTQIA+ society this year through this year’s theme: QUEERTOPIA 🌈🌈🌈

“We all make a society together,” Bart Abeel says. “So it's good to think in a longer-term perspective than the issues of the day. We invite everyone to think and dream about QUEERTOPIA. We will raise the questions above and many others in our magazine, on our social media, during debates, conversations and other activities during Antwerp Pride. QUEERTOPIA is not so much the destination, but the journey towards it.”

Although we look to the future, there is also a link with the golden age of our city. After all, the philosophical work Utopia from 1516 by the English humanist Thomas More begins on the Handschoenmarkt in Antwerp.

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