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Bachelor Party – Bros Team Building – Adventure Day – Summer Fest 

An ideal T-shirt to wear with a group of Bros and go out for a night at the pub or a sports bar for the game! But this t-shirt is more versatile than that: it is great option for the company’s team-building day or even a bachelor party. Maybe even together with your Bros on the Beer Bike in Amsterdam or an outdoor adventure in Durbuy. Why not? There is no limit bro! 

This T-shirt is one of the first ones that was designed by Mr. Chill as a tribute to the way we treat each other, before being a couple and being married: WE WERE BROS!  

We have had an incredibly surprising response to this t-shirt. When we wear it on the street, some people scream at us. The other day a bunch of teenage skaters pointed at us and screamed “I love you too bro!”. The love comes almost instantly when stepping out the door. 

We also loved the photo shoot for our website with two of our friends as models. When we got to this t-shirt, they started telling us stories about their brothers and cousins and of course, their “brother-from-another-mother”. A great collection of loving memories and anecdotes. 

This t-shirt helps start that conversation – the love for your bros and everything they mean to you! Show that special person a token of all the love you have for them. Love is putting someone else's needs first. Love is also showing up for them. If you truly love someone and you treat them like that, then that person is now part of your family: a bro! 

This is a T-shirt to show your love for your brothers. Just imagine when your bro opens it: HE (or SHE or whatever THEY identify as) will find a great message that he/she/they will also be able to see in mirrors and selfies. 

For us this T-shirt is the beginning of regaining power over the term “bro” which shouldn’t be exclusive to fraternity jocks or masculine men. We want to take it back to its roots and show that we love you all as a BROTHER or a SISTER! 

This T-shirt unites Brothers having fun and supports the idea that real bros would walk through fire for each other! 

I 💙 you BRO! 


 Mister Chill and Mister Fluffy handwritten signature

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