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"Teamwork makes the Dream Work" 

Teamwork makes the dream work is a phrase used when two or more people have collaborated positively on some project, to achieve a common goal or even to reach their dreams. It means that effective teamwork achieves much more than any individual can. Here at Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy we use that phrase almost every day. 

How can you create a Dream Team?  

First of all, make sure to create a sense of community in your company, where every single member feels like they belong. Teambuilding sessions are a very useful tool to achieve that. These are events designed in companies to get to know better your colleagues at work. They are the also ideal to mark for example a good booking year or simply to celebrate a project that ended in a huge success.  

An effective team building activity strengthens collaboration and avoids internal competition. They foster a productive work culture by building rapport between team members and encouraging people to embrace each other's strengths and weaknesses. This is where the magic happens and creativity flows. 

The Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy Company was founded by two people in love, who are not only brothers, best friends and lovers but also a full team at work. Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy are fully aware that team work is one of the pillars of their project. Literally, there would be no Mr. Chill without Mr. Fluffy nor the other way round and definitely the company would not have been born. 

It is not only common, but also a great idea for all participants to wear the same T-shirt in teambuilding events, as it creates an instant feeling of union and siblinghood. There are many T-shirts in the Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy Collections that could fit a vast diversity of themes for a teambuilding event. 

How about some ideas for your Teambuilding theme? 

For example, The Signature T-shirt with our logo, 👊🏼⭐️💙, (fist bump, star and blue heart) can start the conversation by asking each other what those symbols mean to each one. For us the three symbols mean together what we call “A Brotherhood of Universal Love”. That phrase means for us that we are all siblings on this earth and that everyone should be accepted and loved for who they are, no matter what. There you go: let the conversation start. 

From our Bro collection, The Love you Sis and The Love you Bro T-shirt would be ideal too. They can help bridge the gap between the female and male members of a group. The female colleagues of the group can wear The I love you Bro T-shirts, as a direct message to their male colleagues and vice versa. Voila! The theme of the teambuilding day is set: brotherly and sisterly love. 

The Men of Dado collection T-shirts are a perfect companion for a teambuilding in a sport organisation, where discipline and fitness are a common goal. The T-Cells T-shirt can lend a hand in teambuilding events in the medical field and The Pride T-shirt can set theme as how proud we can be of working together as a team.  

Talking about working together, did you know one euro/dollar of the earnings from every T-shirt will be donated to a charity organization of your choice? Be sure to choose the charity closer to your heart when you adopt the T-shirts for your teambuilding day. More information in our page about the Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy International Charity Program.

We believe every T-shirt in our collections can be used for a teambuilding day.  

Pink Bay, a renowned accounting office in Brussels, was inspired to do a Teambuilding trip based on the I love you Bro and I love you Sis idea. They had an awesome day and each of the employees went home with great memories and of course, a Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy T-shirt to spread the love. 

They were so kind to take a group photo for us and we wanted to share it with you: 


We love you brothers and sisters, 


Mister Chill and Mister Fluffy handwritten signature

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