The Importance of CD4 T-cells and CD8 T-cells for our immune system  

In this Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy blog, we want to tell you a little story that is very close to our blue hearts.  

As you are well aware, in December of 2019, the virus COVID-19 started spreading around the world. While it was a terrible chapter in human history; it also gave us a few lessons. Among the most important, it taught us the great importance and fragility of the human immune system. Suddenly the eyes of humanity turned to look for a way to protect it. But our story started a few months before all that. 

What are T-Cells? 

Before we keep going, let us give you a piece of scientific information: we all have CD4 T-cells and CD8 T-cells. Although they have different tasks, they both work together in order to protect us from infections. So, we will group them together as T-Cells (The cell pictured drawing the blue heart is what a T-cell actually looks like). 

These T-Cells are necessary to have to have a sufficiently strong immune system to defend our body against all kinds of diseases and keep us in good health. Unfortunately, some diseases attack this system –and kill the T-Cells- directly. Without enough T-Cells our body is left unprotected and cannot survive. These diseases range from the seasonal influenza all the way to more serious diseases such as diabetes, Lyme disease, cancer and most recently COVID-19. Among these, we can also find one of the most stigmatised diseases of our times: HIV/AIDS. 

The idea of our T-Cells T-shirt was born out of true love  

Now that you have that information, let’s go back to our story. A few months before COVID hit the world, Mr. Fluffy opened up to Mr. Chill about his positive HIV status and explained the importance of the immune system and how aggressive this virus is to it. 

Once Mr. Chill truly understood how important it is that Mr. Fluffy has enough T-cells to stay alive, it hit him: “Wouldn’t it be great if I could just give you some of my T-Cells when yours are not enough?” Unfortunately, this is not possible. 

This t-shirt helps to show the love and care you have for someone by telling them: “If I could, I would transfer you all of my T-cells". Just like Mr. Chill would to Mr. Fluffy. 

Wear this T-shirt and show your support! 

In recent times, and due to COVID, almost all of us know someone who got very sick to the point of ending in the hospital. Some of us still know someone who is still in this situation. If you know what we mean; wear this T-shirt and go surprise visit a friend, family member or someone at the hospital. Not only at the hospital but maybe all through their recovery journey. Why not go further and get two t-shirts? One for each: become a team, fight together and bond forever. 

Knowing that we are supporting someone who is going to a difficult moment in life and battling a certain disease is reason enough to wear this T-shirt. We have done it already ourselves and it is always a rewarding experience to see the patients’ eyes lighting up as they read the message while we go through the halls of wherever we are. Goosebumps.  

The T-Cell T-shirt is also a conversation starter: people wonder what is the message behind. Well, now you know and now you can explain the philosophy and why you are wearing it. So, go ahead and offer it as a present for a life that, we wish for you and your loved ones, lasts a very long time.  

P.S. You could also let them tap the NFC chip located on your left sleeve (the one closest to the heart) and they will be taken directly to the product page of the T-Cells T-shirt where it is all explained. 😉

Last but not least, did you know one euro/dollar of the earnings from every T-shirt will be donated to a charity organization of your choice? Two very near and dear charities that support people with an immunodeficiency are the Cancer Research Institute & the Elton John Aids Fondation and we are very proud to work with them. More information in our page about the Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy International Charity Program.

For all the reasons above, we want you and your loved one to wear this T-shirt. In order to help you to do that, when you purchase two T-Cells T-shirts, a reduction of 25% will be automatically applied to your cart. 

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Sharing is Caring! If we could, we would share all of our T-Cells with you all. 

We love you, 


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