How to take care of your favourite t-shirt?

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How to take care of your favourite t-shirt?


We made sure that our T-shirts were created under Fair Trade & 100% pure organic premium cotton with a high quality of textile and print. So you can adopt with full confidence!

We created this page for you: to explain our wash label and how you can take care of your adopted T-shirt so, it stays in top quality for a very long time! 

We chose the right cotton weight so our T-shirts feel 'Fresh as Chill' and 'Soft as Fluffy' on your skin. Here are some tips to keep your T-shirt that way:

 Wash at maximum 40 degrees with your T-shirt inside out. This helps protect the design print.

Do not bleach your T-shirt. Chlorine bleach weakens the cotton fibres and discolours the print. You don't want to bleach the fluffiness away!

Keep your T-shirt turned inside out, as you did for washing it and dry on a lower heat. Although our 100 % premium cotton T-shirts are suited for tumble drying, they may shrink a little bit after the first wash and tumble dry.

Your T-shirt is as strong as Fluffy to wash it at home. So, no need to dry clean it, please.

Can you iron our 100% premium cotton T-shirts? Yes you can! However, never iron directly on t-shirt prints. If there is really a need to iron, turn the t-shirt inside out and iron the wrinkles away. You’ll see your T-shirt is easy to iron. Only passing one time at the front and once at the back will be enough. Heat is always bad for any kind of t-shirt prints, prolonged ironing will damage the prints, causing them to peel.

More questions about how to treat your adopted T-shirt? Don't hesitate to ask us in a chat or through our contact page of the website. 

We tested the quality of our apparel and T-shirts for months ourselves. We attached great importance to the high quality of all of our apparel and wanted to help you keep the T-shirt looking as good as new after 100 washes.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us via our website & social media. We will be publishing your reviews!

Good luck fostering and loving your adopted T-shirt and thanks for taking care! 👊🏼⭐️💙

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