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This T-shirt was born out of true love. One day Mr. Chill found how important it is that, Mr. Fluffy has enough T-cells. (More info on T-cells below).

Show your moral support to anyone who has any kind of immunodeficiency, such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, but also other diseases as influenza, cancers, Lyme disease and most recently COVID-19.

This t-shirt helps you spread the love and care you have for someone and tell them that if you could, you would give them all of your t-cells to help their t-cell count up, as T-cells play a critical part in our immune system to keep us healthy. 

The cell pictured drawing the blue heart is what a T-cell actually looks like.

Would you like to know more?

Role of CD4 T-Cells in HIV and other chronicle infections 

One of the conundrums of HIV infection is that the very cells meant to initiate an immune defence are the same ones targeted for infection by HIV. As a retrovirus, HIV needs to infect certain "host" cells in order to make copies of itself. CD4 T-cells are the prime targets for this in the course of an infection.

During infection, HIV attaches to these helper cells, emptying its genetic material within so that the host's genetic coding can be altered to produce other HIV virions. In doing so, the host CD4 cell is killed, and its ability to trigger an immune defence is to gradually deplete to such a point as to leave the body open to opportunistic infections.

The dynamics of an HIV are such that "killer" CD8 T-cells are increasingly left blind in an advancing infection and eventually become unable to cope with the growing population of HIV (as measured by the viral load). 

As they are "killed" CD4 T-cells count can get very low in patients with HIV. If left untreated, the immune system will, in all but rare cases, completely collapse (or become compromised).

This is why, in an act of pure love, if someone had a very low count of T-cells, it would be amazing to be able to transfer them all of ours. To make sure they stay alive.


By the way, we chose to put the text in Purple to also support Spirit Day.

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