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Hello brothers & sisters, 

Let’s get right into it: last year the world saw the beginning of a new war created by the wrong interests and we are currently all being affected directly or indirectly by it. As in a globalised planet, everything that happens anywhere creates waves and can change the way we do things or change the society forever.  

make love not war t-shirt mr. chill mr. fluffy

Think about the COVID pandemic: since the end of it, we have seen a shift in priorities. People want to go out, have a nice dinner, go to the spa or go on a trip that was postponed for too long. 

However, the war that started almost a year ago created blocks and sanctions in our economy, which in turn meant a rise on the prices of groceries, essentials and basic stuff like the electricity/light bill (now we understand why Trinity K. Bonet’s grandma was so worried about it). 

Based on that, we know that these days it has become less easy to treat ourselves, buy something in the spur of the moment, go to brunch or simply pay the rent and get to the end of the month.  

Ok, enough of this serious economic drama.  

During our experience at the Christmas market in Brussels, we offered a 35% discount which made our t-shirts more accessible and we were able to reach more people. This meant our message was able to be taken around the world and be shared with even more people. 

chalet christmas market mr. chill mr. fluffy friends

So, based on that experience and in view of the current global economic reality: we have decided to chill-down our prices permanently! 

We are sure this gesture will allow you to “adopt” one or more of our t-shirts which are fresh as Mr. Chill and soft as Mr. Fluffy. 

Remember you are already part of our Brotherhood of Universal Love, where we are accepted, respected and loved for who we are & where we also look-out for each other. 

Happy New Year and Happy New Prices bro and sisters! 

Sending chill vibes and fluffy hugs. 

Mr. Chill & Mr. Fluffy CHAMPAGNE CHEERS

We love you! 


Mister Chill and Mister Fluffy handwritten signature

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